• Clothes market

    Clothes that became commonplace for you
    can be a missing piece in someone’s wardrobe.

  • Zrní

    “ZRNÍ is a game, a coal dream from Kladno.”
    This amazing Czech band
    will play live in Cooltour again!

  • James Harries (UK)

    Extraordinary musician from Manchester
    again in Cooltour!

What's up?

The international Day of Dance Ostrava 2015 – Watch the video

The international day of dance traditionally organized by Cooltour offered a classic ballet performance, street dance, hiphop, flamenco, salsa, discon, swing and also tango argentino. The celebration has begun in front of the New Caroling shopping centre, from where the site specific performance The body architecture (by Jana Ryslava and the conservatory students) lead the audience to the city centre. On the way, we were able to see Denisa Pavelkova, Denisa Horanska, Kripa Devi and the Moravian-silesian National Theatre Ballet company.