New Yogurt Blog Is Here!

After the printed version of the Yogurt cultural magazine we go on-line! We want to provide tips and trick for hacking Ostrava, if you are not exactly a Czech.

The Yogurt team have launched a sleek and helpful blog aptly called “”, aimed at the underserved international community in Ostrava.

The blog provides insight, reviews and suggestions of restaurants,
cafes, bars and bistros with the aim to improve awareness of what’s on offer in the city, for locals and visitors alike. The team also plans to expand and direct its attention to artistic, cultural and fun things to visit, see and try.

Showcase-Template-Flat-Presentation copyEvery post starts from the independent experience of each member of the team at a selected place, over a couple of weeks and at different times of the day.
The Yogurt guys feel that this helps them create a more complete, insightful and fair supplement for their readers.

The Yogurt team is composed of 3 internationals living in Ostrava, hailing from Britain, Portugal and Denmark and together they provide a unique perspective on Ostrava’s social landscape.

With the help and encouragement of Cooltour, Yogurt strives to make Ostrava a more foreigner friendly place to live and promote cultural integration.

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Suggest this blog to a foreign friend or establishment that you think would be nice for the international community to know about and visit. For more information visit the blog at

Yogurt, Yogblog are supported by The Cooltour Culture Centre Ostrava.