Write for Rights 2016

Participate in the Letter-writing marathon for Amnesty International with Cooltour to support one of the 12 persons or communities whose primary rights someone refused to respect.

Can you remember the last time you wrote a letter to someone? In the current age of e-mails and smart phones, the pencil and paper is suddenly a rare tool for imparting what we hold dear.

The letter has for many years been a crucial tool for AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL to hammer the politicians and authorities with pleas to free the unjustly incarcerated. Thousands of people from around the world were writing letter for releasing Václav Havel and other Czechoslovakian political prisoners in the 70s and 80s.

“I am convinced that I would have spent more time in the prison without the support.” said afterwards Havel himself.

The LETTER-WRITING MARATHON to support 12 persons or communities whose primary rights someone refused to respect is held every year in December. 3.7 million people participated last year. Over 20 000 letters was sent just from the Czech Republic – people were writing from schools, cafes, churches or from their living rooms. The letters went to politicians, and directly to the victims of injustice to express people’s participation and support. Those letters were really changing people’s lives.

This year you can help with your letter for example Annie Alfredo and people with albinism from Malawi, who are prosecuted or killed due to superstitions. Venezuelan politician Rosmit incarcerated for political reasons, farmer Maxima from Peru fighting with the miners for her land.

Take part along with Cooltour! You can write your letter in out café from 10.12. to 16.12., get better acquainted with all twelve stories, which are supported this year by the marathon, and read about all the existing successes that have been reached thanks to this project.

Each letter is important. Each letter has the chance to change someone’s life.

For more info go to Amnesty International website.

1. Protect people with albinism from murder (Malawi)

2. Rosmit Mantilla (Venezuela) – 1th succes story of Write for Rights 2016!

3. Free Bayram and Giyas: a graffiti protest doesn´t justify a prison sentence (Azerbaijan) 

4. Don´t sacrifice Indigenous rights for a hydro-electric dam (Canada)

5. Ilham Tohti: jail for life for “separatism” despite trying to bridge differences between ethnic communities (China)

6. Protect Máxima and her family from violence and intimidation (Peru)

7. Pardon Edward Snowden, a whistleblower who acted in the public interest (USA)

8. Free Fomusoh Ivo Feh – jailed for 10 years for a joke SMS (Cameroon)

9. Don´t jail Eren. Her only crime was to speak out against injustice (Turkey)

10. Photojournalist Shawkan has endured more than 1000 days in jail just for doing his job (Egypt)

11. Free Johan now. He was jailed for 15 years just for waving a flag (Indonesia)

12. Political activist Zeynab Jalalian lost her freedom – now she´s losing her sight (Iran)