Balkan Bashavel

24.3.2018 / 9 p.m.


Do you know that we have been enjoying Balkan Bashavel parties for more than 6 years? A new party season starts right now and you can expect MALALATA to be there as well! Plenty of Balkan beats, gypsy music, a little bit of cumbia and reggae as well as many kinds of sounds of world music that our guests bring.

Carpet Diem

28.3.2018 / 7 p.m.

Contemporary dance

New scene

Seize the day. But what if there treacherously appears a carpet during this day? Or two? What will you do with them? Jana Ryšlavá and Jindřich Panský decided to try it.

Vladivojna La Chia & (pětičlenné) 4Trio

19.4.2018 / 8 p.m.


Vladivojna La Chia and her five – member 4Trio are coming to Cooltour as a follow – up to a very successful autumn tour for a new album. This album was inspired by the movie 8 Heads of Madness and the whole tour finished in the sold – out music club Parník in Ostrava.