Summer in Cooltour!

9.6.2017 - 2.9.2017



Three months packed with music, fun and chilling in our outside seating area. You can look forward to concerts, parties, summer cinema, campfires, dance halls and lots of other things!

Balkan now!

25.8.2017 / 8 p.m.

Balkan party

Jakub from the famous DJ duo Malalata and the veteran Le Petit Nicolas will make you dance to the rhythm of Balkan beats, Caribbean reggae and Mexian cumbia. Balkan hop under the starry sky - that’s something new and unheard-of in the centre of Ostrava!

Gone Girl

26.8.2017 / 9 p.m.

Summer Cinema


Nick and Amy Dunne are a couple living in a small town in Missouri. Nick calls the authorities when she goes missing but something is off about his behavior. Is he hiding something? Is he sad or distraught enough? While the police continue their investigation, Nick is battling a media frenzy and the people who believe his innocence is dwindling by the minute.

Himalayan Dalai Lama + Chapter A

1.9.2017 / 7:30 p.m.



The electronic duo Himalayan Dalai Lama from Brno will take you on a flight to a dreamland. The lively ambient beats are spiced up by the strong sound of drums. Enjoy the hypnotic magic of the moment. The atmosphere will be completed by a new band from Ostrava, Chapter A.


2.9.2017 / 4 p.m.



Last Garden Chill of that summer with Karl@John! Take a bunch of friends and enjoy nice afternoon in front of Cooltour on our lovely garden.


19.10.2017 / 7 p.m.


Contemporary dance

The coffeemaker is on. The coffee is flowing. Kaffee! The women are sitting down. They are gossiping. Klatsch! Kaffeeklatsch. Theatre performance involving dance, acrobatics and coffee, performed by the popular trio Holektiv.

VOXEL with Dulcimer Ensemble

25.10.2017 / 8 p.m.


New scene

Singer Voxel is preparing his autumn tour #PopFolklorTour within which he will be performing together with a dulcimer ensemble. The spectators will get a chance to listen to non-traditional arrangements of his songs which will take on a more folklore sound. The following afterparty will be in the spirit of folklore as well. The afterparty will take place by the stage, and the fans can already look forward to it - because where is dulcimer music, there is inevitably wine.


9.11.2017 / 7 p.m.


Contemporary dance

Un is a solo performance of one dancer who interacts with space and structures on the stage, and the dancer is supposed to let them influence him. His moves and the dramaturgy process of the performance are created in this space, on which they depend as well.

James Harries (UK)

8.12.2017 / 8 p.m.


James Harries is an extraordinary musician. Although he is from Manchester, he settled down in the nineties in the Czech Republic, where he once played with his school music band. A prestigious Rolling Stone magazine wrote about him and he is compared to the young Bob Dylan by the critics. He plays around the whole world, both at big stages in New York and in small Czech clubs for a few people.