The first Ostrava cultural magazine in English language. You can find our recommendaitions and tips for places we love. he international community in Ostrava is largely overlooked and under served, they feel disconnected to the land and culture they are spending their lives in, and sometimes are treated more like an inconvenience than a welcomed neighbour.

Restaurant Day Ostrava

One day festival of gastro enthusiasts and amateur restaurants - or pop-ups - takes place around the world, around the republic and it is not missing even in Ostrava. Restaurant Day is a carnival of food. Carnival, which is created by people together.

USE-IT Ostrava

The basic rule of the USE-IT information network is to provide meaningfull info to your tourists - info that is practical, up to date (each yer new map is published) and usable for the target group. Young tourists, respresenting at least 20% of all travellers, have different needs and interests and they need different tourist info compared to that often available in information centers.

MOVE Ostrava

MOVE is a project based on building an active community around dance and physical theatre. We want to join different people, disciplines and ideas without prejudices to build an active group. All that will culminate in the annual MOVE festival, which will present performances chosen on the basis of „MOVErs“ and MOVE team dramaturgy.

The community garden „Tržnice“

Finally! Even Ostrava has its own community garden! We opened it at the beginning of July 2015 and without any theoretical knowledge and practical skills we brought in fairly good harvest.

City interventions Ostrava 2016

Even you can become an architect or designer and design your vision of Ostrava. Do you have an interesting idea how to revive some places in Ostrava? Join the project of City interventions 2016 and participate on the city’s new face. The principle of City interventions is to appeal to active citizens by the means of public challenge.