Do you also want to be one of those stylish guys and chicks who ride home-grown trendy bicycles? Or are you just a passionate cyclist (who does not have so super bike) and would you like to look at the center of Ostrava from the saddle, though not the horse? Come and borrow Artbike! And where? In Cooltour! Who else is trying to bring a bit of life and style into an empty center 😉




Do you want to be the one of those stylish guys and girls who ride their repaired-at-home trendy bikes? Or are you just a passionate rider (who doesn’t have as cool bike as they have), and want to see the centre of Ostrava from the saddle, though not from the saddle of a horse? Come and rent an Artbike! And where you should come? Well, to the Cooltour of course! Who else is trying to bring a bit of life and style into the emptied centre of Ostrava? In cooperation with the non-profit organization Bikes to Africa, we decided to repair and enhance few bikes. Important, however, is not the only style. The main benefit is a positive impact on the environment, which is not very good nowadays! If we want to give a farewell to the black lungs, we must do something. The project’s main aim is to inspire as many people as possible to ride a bike.

The idea of Artbike was established already in the autumn of 2012, when Cooltour organized an event to support the charity project “Bikes for Africa,” which aims to bring old and unused bikes (donated by Czech citizens) to Africa. In Africa these bikes help children to get to school. Ever since that time we work with this organization also on other projects.

The organization Bikes for Africa gave us 7 bikes this year. We transformed them into beautiful city bicycles and we did so well that you will feel like in Amsterdam.

You can rent a bike, but you can also use our DIY bike service where you can borrow a stand or tools. We are here for riders who had an accident or who just want to repair their bike. If you need to tighten up something, don’t hesitate to visit us! And at the same time, you can refill the fluids in our garden ;)


Price list:


1 hour – 50 CZK
4 hours – 120 CZK
1 day – 200 CZK


1 hour – 80 CZK
4 hours – 180 CZK
1 day – 250 CZK

Bike light and bike lock included. If you are under 18 years old, you must have your own helmet, which is mandatory. All the bikes meet conditions prescribed for urban bikes. Security deposit is 500 CZK.

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Last update: 17.5.2018