This event will be held for the sixth time this year! The biggest celebration of neighborly life this year takes place on Saturday 15 September 2018! Look forward to a lot of fun, food, performances and much more in the streets of Ostrava.

Experience Ostrava in a Different Way

Experience Ostrava in a Different Way is a city festival for (and by) local people, organized by multi-genre and cultural centre Cooltour and its associated organisations. The main aim of this event is to improve the city life, but we need a little help from its people – from you! The whole city (or at least its selected districts) turns into a huge street fair. Active organisations and active citizens of Ostrava will sell food, drinks, and clothes, and they will also teach others how to master various crafts, how to play instruments, sports, theatre etc. But most importantly, they will have a lot of fun! So come and have fun too! It’s a great opportunity how to meet your neighbours, whom you usually meet only when you go to check the mailbox! Don’t hesitate and Experience Ostrava in a Different Way!

The event takes place within the European Mobility Week and the World Car-Free Day, which means that streets will belong to the people only!


Last update: 17.5.2018

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