The Mental Café mobile café project originated in Cooltour in 2012. The main objective of the project is to involve people with disabilities in the work process, to teach them how to make money, to learn new skills and communication skills. The aim is also to meet the public with people with disabilities in common places and in normal life situations and to break down the associated prejudices.

Mental Café

The main purpose of our café is to break down prejudices connected with disabled people and their function in everyday life. People can meet with disabled people there, in common place and in everyday life situations. In addition to this social aspect of our mobile café, we want to offer our customers high-quality coffee and evoke pleasant mood.

During the year, you can meet us at various events and places in Ostrava. For example at the Festival in the Streets, at the Shakespearean Festival, in the city streets or in large office buildings.

It is a trolley, fully equipped to work as a “street café”, which is meant to be installed behind the bicycle. In winter months the café can be found in larger corporate buildings, cultural and other events. In summer it can also be found at the open air events etc.
People who work there and make coffee have certain mental disabilities, and are employed on an agreement to complete a job. They are always supervised by the supervisor, who is available to them in case of need.

The main purpose of the project is to involve people with disabilities in the process of serving, to teach them how they can earn money, learn new skills, and communication skills. Another purpose is to connect the public with disabled people in common places and in everyday life situations and to break down prejudices.

Last update: 6.2.2019


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