Spaces of Cooltour

Cooltour works with several spaces and locations.

Firstly it is a Barcafé with a co-working space. Beside a long bar to satisfy the thirst and hunger of our visitors, we have a number of corners where you can sit undisturbed with your colleagues or friends. For sitting youcan not only use the chairs, but also the windows. Part of the Barcafé is also a glass-wall meeting room, which you can use for meetings during the preparation of your projects or presentations. Meeting room is equipped with LCD television and a flip-chart. In the evening, the space turns into a small club – we have artists on the stage, we organise presentations and discussions.

The heart of Cooltour is The New Stage – a space with special athmosphere can hold up to 350 seats. The stage is designated for different kinds of classical and experimental music scene, drama, dance, film and stage productions alternative, both in portable formats and site-specific projects. In the backstage, the performers can use two fully equipped dressing rooms and a common area in front of them.

Dance studio on the second floor of our building used partly for artistic residences, but also for a variety of workshops. For the residencies there is a possibility to use a small room for the accommodation of artists during their residency stay.

For different type of workshops, for meetings , rehearsing etc. we use Coolna. Coolna is a larger room, with a purpose serve as a meetin point for people interested in participating in activities of Cooltour. It’s a place where they can meet in an informal atmosphere and establish contacts, both enthusiasts and professionals with experience.