What is Cooltour

Cooltour cultural centre is a place you can visit to see a performance or party, you come here to work in a non-formal co-working barcafé, you participate in different workshops and also, a place where you seek support for your projects. Beside the artistic experience of various kind (theatre, music, dance) we also organize many projects that help the city of Ostrava – Experience Ostrava differently, USE-IT Ostrava, Pianos in the city, Adopt a flower pot, Urban interventions, International day of dance, City in motion, Cinema Royal and many more. We are interested in the city center, its problems and opportunities. We are located at the Black Meadow and we want to help change it to be a cultural a lively place where people often come.

If you want to help Ostrava also, we can help you start your project. COme to have a coffee or beer with us and talk.

How we grew up

Multi-disciplinary Contemporary Arts Centre Cooltour, was established in October 2011 with the aim to support emerging young talents in the arts and to provide a space for new art forms and genres to develop, a platform that was nonexistent at the time.

Cooltour devoted more than three years of its existence to the analysis of the needs of its surrounding environment, and to the development of skills and knowledge, so as not to become merely a place for art, but to be mainly a place for culture. Culture represents much more than just the presentation of art.
Culture is the evaluating factor of many of our doings and culture, is also a tool for change, motivation, self-realization, knowing, education and sustainable development. Culture fights gradual self-destruction, consumerism, alienation, hatred. Culture is an inseparable part of any modern society with an ambition to prosper.

In the past three years, Cooltour has become an important platform for the support of cultural projects. These projects are directed to encourage the individuals’ creative potentials, as well as those of communities. These projects are local and international and focused in different directions. Sometimes they focus on building relationships between the city and its inhabitants, sometimes at making sad and empty city spaces alive again, or sometimes focusing
on international cooperation in the arts or strengthening democratic values and principles. We consider these activities to be extremely important, because not only do they contribute to the city life, but equally help in awakening personalities. Those same personalities that will create the future of Ostrava.

Cooltour is not defined by its building. Cooltour is an important tool and Cooltour, above and beyond, is the people.

Welcome to Cooltour.