Cooltour is closing down. Thanks for the ride!

Dear friends, supporters, fans, it's time to make it public and announce the final end of Cooltour Cultural Centre.

Dear friends, supporters, fans,

it’s time to make it public and announce the final end of Cooltour Cultural Centre. During this year, we have often indicated our intention to end, and now is the time to officially confirm and explain.

It is not entirely the corona that caused this decision, but it is also one of the ingredients. The most important reason will probably be our belief that we have reached the ceiling of what can be developed under the existing conditions in our field (in Ostrava). For us, Cooltour fulfilled its function and the visions with which it was founded and showed Ostrava and active people what is possible and impossible. What are the real parameters and possibilities of an independent cultural organization.

In our opinion, every organization must ask itself whether or not it is important (i.e. are we important enough to exists?), resp. whether or not its existence is justified (this applies both to independent entities or founded and operated by the city, region, state). In the commercial sector, this justification can easily be determined by the profit, but in the public sector, the answer is more complicated. However, our conclusion is that Cooltour has given Ostrava the maximum possible and now, if it does not fundamentally change, it can no longer offer more. Therefore, it is our duty to close down and leave the place to create to others.

Since 2011, we have always aimed to develop a large international cultural center in Ostrava, but we have not been able to reach this goal. There was always a lack of money and proper space. Even so, we are sure that Cooltour will remain a legend among you – our fans.

Beginning January 1st, 2021, our doors are permanently closed and we will hopefully see you in other interesting projects and endeavors.

Your Cooltourists

Cooltour in five minutes

The Cooltour Ostrava Cultural Center was established in April 2011 and opened as a space to the public on October 9 of the same year. Originally idealistic, the project sought to build on Ostrava’s unsuccessful candidacy for the title of European Capital of Culture, but over time it became more of a social laboratory, supporting ideas and thoughts to help the city and its inhabitants make Ostrava a better place. Both the art program and the public benefit projects with strong public participation earned Cooltour an important position inn the local independent scene, and in the following years also at the national and European level.

Cooltour’s dramaturgy often focused on the international art scene both by providing residencies to European ensembles and staging performances from various countries, such as Israel, India, Hong Kong, Norway, Finland, Poland, etc. In addition, the program was very much built on Czech contemporary dance and theater artists and concerts of Czech and foreign music bands.

Cooltour also built a strong contemporary dance scenee in Ostrava, including educational programs, annually culminating with the MOVE Fest Ostrava international festival.

However, Cooltour earned the ultimate public popularity mostly through various urban development projects that had a high level of public participation and very often took place in public space – for example, Cinema Royal, Truhlíci, Experience Ostrava differently, International Dance Day, City Interventions, Restaurant Day, Piana Ostrava , Tržnice Community Garden, USE-IT Map, Mental Café, Refill Ostrava and the like.

On the international scene, Cooltour has been active in the European network of independent cultural centers Trans Europe Halles and has twice been successful in projects funded by Creative Europe.

At the national level, Cooltour is a member of the Czech network of cultural centers Nova Sit and also a member of the Association of Independent Theaters.

In ten years, more than 100 people have passed through the close work team of the cultural center, and we have had the honor of welcoming hundreds of thousands of spectators to our events.