Residency? No problem!

Every year, MOVE Ostrava announces a residential program for Czech and foreign artists from the dance field. We are currently accepting applications for 2020. Deadline for submitting the application is December 15, 2019.

MOVE Ostrava Residency Programme

MOVE Ostrava, which makes part of the Cultural Centre Cooltour Ostrava z.ú. announces an open call for applications for 2020 residency sessions.

About our residency programme:

Since 2014, when MOVE Ostrava was founded, we have provided tens of residencies for artists who could benefit from our facilities and spaces at different stages of their creative process, from initial search for movement material to putting final touches on lighting design and other technical aspects of a performance. We do our best to make our residents feel at home, giving them opportunities to meet local artists and people, and get to know the environment there are working in. During their stay, residents can also attend our cultural events and workshops free of charge or get a discount. We are happy to see our residents come back to us, be it to perform a piece they worked on during the residency, or within a festival, or just because they like us and miss the place and the people. Some performers have grown so fond of our venue that they return regularly, sometimes even several times a year. We also try to provide media space and networking opportunities for our residents to facilitate future communication and promotion of the performance.

All applications will be assessed, and results will be announced by 19th  December 2019.

What we offer:

– the possibility of making use of the spaces/facilities within individual residency programmes

– depending on the date of the residency, accommodation will be arranged at partner facilities, or we can help find affordable alternatives

– if necessary, we can send an invitation letter and other documents required to complete a grant application etc. 

– throughout the residency, a production assistant will be available to take care of the residents, their well-being and all their needs. If you are interested, we can provide a guide.

– all necessary contacts

– networking within the local arts scene 

– free tickets for cultural events organised by the Cultural Centre Cooltour

– discount prices for MOVE Dance Studio workshops

– welcoming and friendly atmosphere


Artists are required to:

– present their work within a short work-in-progress session, or facilitate a workshop for the general public/local dance artists during their residency

– include information about Cooltour and Move Ostrava’s support in the materials related to the performance. If possible (and after previous agreement), place our logo/logos on the materials too

– offer the performance (after it’s finished, and if it’s actually realised) to be included into Cooltour’s dramaturgy (of course we do not mean for free)


Residency programmes:

Large residency programme:

Residents will have Cooltour’s “New Stage” at their disposal. Based on mutual agreement, residents will be provided with lighting and sound equipment, a dancefloor, and other equipment required. The layout of the space is available here (link). Hanging of ropes, silks and other equipment is possible after prior consultation (we have trusses regularly used for aerial acrobatics classes). The space is 5 metres high from the floor to the trusses (at the highest point), and 9 metres from the floor to the ceiling (at the highest point).

Residency period: July – September 2020 (from mid-July to mid-August, access to lighting and sound equipment will be limited – the exact period and list of equipment available is to be specified).


Small residency programme:

Residents will have access to a dance studio (12,9m x 5,3m) with mirrors, ballet bars and a sounds system. The floor is covered with wooden panels and a dancefloor. The studio is available outside of the times of regular classes and weekend seminars (link).

Residency period: January – December 2020

To apply for the residencies,  please fill in the application form here:

Deadline for applications: 15 December 2019