The partial reveal of this year’s plans

Apart from traditional projects such as MOVE Festival, unforgettable Summer in front of Cooltour or Experience Ostrava Differently all people in favour of Ostrava’s multigenre Mecca can look forward to concerts of Lenka Dusilová, Downbelow, Puding paní Elvisovej and others.

Apart from traditional projects such as MOVE Festival, unforgettable Summer in front of Cooltour or Experience Ostrava Differently all people in favour of Ostrava’s multigenre Mecca can look forward to concerts of Lenka Dusilová, Downbelow, Puding paní Elvisovej and others. For the first time we will open the cyclo-cinema and an artistic spot at Masaryk Square because we definitely like to introduce new things. The centre of Ostrava and mainly the Black meadow – here it won’t sleep!

The personalities will try DJ’s work

This year we will continue with the same formats again – a discussion and listening. As a part of the On the Mix event you have the possibility to listen to favourite songs of personalities from Ostrava.

“Terezie Kovalová, a violoncellist, a singer, and a beautiful woman will mix her favourite music on Wednesday 20th January. Beside other things she cooperates, for instance, with a famous artist Vladivojna La Chia. The following guest of the On the Mix event will be Zuzka Truplová, a rapper performing under the pseudonym MC Zuzka and an actress working in Komorní scéna Aréna,” adds Filip Košťálek, a production manager and a script editor of this event.

You definitely want Ostrava!

Ostrava Positive is another occasion you can experience with us this year. You can look forward to presentations given by people who want to do something good for Ostrava.

“The thing here is to show to people not only from Ostrava that it’s possible to make this city an extraordinary and beautiful place for living. Ostrava Positive is in its format similar to Pecha Kucha Night and points out to interesting opportunities in the field of the public sector, local culture and gastronomy,” explains Andrej Harmečko, the director of Cooltour.

The program will be running already from January. On the 19th January the Ambassadress of Sweden in the Czech Republic is going to visit Cooltour and give an opening ceremony of the exhibition called Facing the Climate. This exhibition contains comic and creepy drawings by five famous Swedish illustrators dealing with the topic of climatic change. The Cooltour’s program in January also includes the concert of the Cermaque band, an excellent theatre performance The Art of Pulp Fiction On Air or the documentary film THE TRUE COST.

In February you can look forward to the Ostrava’s premiere of the theatre performance Hit by a Flower with a famous Czech actress Vanda Hybnerová as one of stars. On 6th February Cooltour and other six clubs in Ostrava will host the music festival PENDL organized for the second time. Over thirty bands including UDG, Záviš, Prago, Union, Thom Artway, Lavagance, etc. have confirmed their participation.

Lenka Dusilová & Baromantika is coming with the unique birthday concert in March. In the following month the Downbelow band plans the launch party of their new album here in Cooltour. May days will be in the spirit of dance. For the third time we will organize the popular MOVE Fest Ostrava that follows the 12 years old tradition of the Dance Ostrava festival. Last year it was visited by almost a thousand of people and this year we expect much bigger attendance.

The Cooltour Café doesn’t serve only coffee

During the last six months the Cooltour Café has undergone many changes. The original gallery has been replaced by the new spot for coworking. Here you can use a microwave and so warm up your own meals – the dishes are available for free. This area is newly covered by the Wi-Fi connection. In the café you can also find a new stage at which certain events such as already mentioned On the Mix take place.

The large library contains over a thousand of interesting books in Czech and English language. The curiosity here is the complete Czech collection of Shakespeare’s works. The separate conference room designated for corporate presentations, appointments, different types of courses, etc. is also a part of the reconstructed café.

In the Cooltour café you can enjoy an excellent Italian coffee. Moreover, in this cold weather we’ve prepared the special winter offer. Come to warm by beverages such as Hot Raspberry, Hot Apple Jack or Hot Juice with fruit.

Cooltour isn‘t just culture

We aren’t interested only in art and culture, but among our priorities also belong the realization of such projects that contribute to improvements of the city of Ostrava. “That is why we organize the event called Experience Ostrava Differently that was attended by more than 8 000 people in 2015. This year we will have the community garden where anyone can grow vegetables or herbs. In addition, we plan the fourth issue of Ostrava tourist guide USE-IT, a map including the descriptions of places chosen and recommended by people from Ostrava,” says Soňa Frídlová, the project manageress and adds that the map is distributed to 30 cities all over the Europe.

We also look forward to projects such as Cyclo-cinema and Square Belongs to Everyone. In cooperation with the ČEZ fund we plan to create the untraditional cinema that will be driven by energy produced by eight viewers-cyclists. These people will certainly make this event extraordinary and unique.
The empty looking Masaryk Square inspired us to realize the project Square Belongs to Everyone. We plan to install the wooden platform in the centre of Ostrava that would be used for cultural and sport activities from May to September. The aim of this project consists in persuading people not only from Ostrava to spend more time at this beautiful place that they usually only pass through. In the present time Cooltour tries to create the system of micro grants designated for dramaturgy of the square and looks for entrepreneurs and companies that are kind and willing enough to support a good thing – our city.

“At the end we would like to remind the public that Cooltour doesn’t concentrate only on culture, but also publicly beneficial activities, public sector, city life, and environment. Our Cultural Centre always opens its doors for everyone who wants to do something good for the public. We try to support great ideas and so we will gladly accept anyone coming with interesting ideas that keep the spirit of Cooltour,” adds Andrej Harmečko, the director of Cooltour.