3CM in progress

Šárka Bočková a Vojtěch Fülep

A nonverbal experimental project which blends acting, clownerie, contemporary dance, hanging and ground acrobatics. The performance is a poetic-pictorial vision of the relationship between a man and a woman and their different perspectives. Abstract images are based on real situations and they are all are connected by common topic of a relationship and contact between two people. 3CM is the distance that separates one from the other and also the proportion between approaching-drawing apart, happiness-disappointment, dream or reality that we sometimes cannot predict.

director: Maksim Komaro
draft + actors: Šárka Bočková, Vojtěch Fülep
music: Ondřej Malý, Jiří Hanus
light design: Jan Mlčoch
production: Lucie Špačková

vzniká za podpory Kulturního centra Cooltour