Unconventional Christmas Market 2015

19.12.2015 / 10:00 - 18:00

Christmas market with original handmade products


A year has passed and the 5th ‘Unconventional Christmas market’ in Cooltour is here again. Last Saturday before Christmas, dozens of craftsmen from the Czech Republic and Slovakia will be offering their original handmade products made with love. Your best last chance to buy original presents at a poplular event with unique atmosphere and room temperature ;)

VOSTO5: Tears of weather-beaten men

17.12.2015 / 19:00


Vosto5 - famous chzech group of actors are coming with a puppet performance telling a fateful story of the most successful Czech skier Bohumil Hanč and his friend Václav Vrbata. Starring: Ondřej Bauer, Kristýna Liška Boková/Renata Prokopová, Tomina Jeřábek, Petr Prokop and Ondřej Cihlář.

International Christmas Food Tasting

16.12.2015 / 17:00

Foreigners living in Ostrava are going to prepare for you food tasting of their traditional dishes and they will tell you something about Christmas in their home countries. You will be able to try Chinese, Iranian, Indian, Russian, Vietnamese, Thai and other cuisines.
At the event, there will also be presented an exhibition ''The Stories of Children of Foreigners Living in Czech Republic'' as well as a musical performance of Kosovian opera singer and traditional Christmas carols.

On the mix: Lukáš Hradil

15.12.2015 / 19:00

Unconventional look into private collections and iPods of Ostrava known personas. our project puts known people of Ostrava art scene behind the DJ mix and lets them play their favorite music.

Ostrava Positive Vol. 2

9.12.2015 / 18:00

Ostrava is the great city for realization of new ideas and visions. Get inspired, meet new energetic people, and get uncensored information at first hand. Just be in!

Zrní & Korben Dallas

4.12.2015 / 20:00


Zrní & Korben Dallas are again on tour together in fall. In October they gave five concerts together in Slovakia and they are planning to play also five concerts in the Czech Republic during November and December. It will not be the first experience for them to play in front of the Czech and Slovak audience. Last year their concerts in both countries were sold out and their music fulfilled thousands of fans.




Electro Swing Fever is favorite electro-swing party taking place in a few cities in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. However, this fall it will occur only in North Moravia. You can look forward to the most popular electro-swing DJs that are on the list of Electro Swing Bohemia booking agency and a rich accompanying program. It will be the stylish party filled with the unique atmosphere.

Debris company – Soliloquy

26.11.2015 / 19:00

Contemporary dance / theatre

Dance - theatre show as a tribute to James Joyce. Adaptation of the final chapter his famous novel Ulysses. Two solos, female and male monologue of two main characters, Molly Bloom and her husband Leopold Bloom, starring Stanislava Vlčeková and actor Vladimír Zboroň.

On the mix: Jiří Sedláček

25.11.2015 / 19:00

On the mix is the project which allows many interesting personalities to become DJs and mix their favorite music right from behind a mixing desk. If you come, you will have the unique opportunity to look into personal iPods and collections of LP records of these artists who are not only from Ostrava. What do musicians listen to at home when they are not just giving a great performance at concerts? Are you curious? Then come to find it out!

The launch party of the 4th issue of magazine UNDERGROUND – the improvisatory funeral

24.11.2015 / 19:30

Funeral party


Křest 4. čísla časopisu Underground, rakvičky, Impéčko, hudba, zpěv, a to vše zadáčo. Tak se stavte!