Ženy (Women)

24.5.2015 / 19:00

Adéla Laštovková Stodolová & SKUTR

festival, physical theatre

New scene

What are the lives of women like in today's world? Well, women are hunters. And what do they do when they feel too much pressure? They bottle fruit.

Dark Horse

23.5.2015 / 19:00

Lenka Vagnerová for Norrdans

festival, contemporary dance

New scene

You don't get such a catch every day!

Hunters ball

22.5.2015 / 21:00

Šmykňa, Jocob sen reál

festival party

Cooltour - café

We would like to invite all hunt lovers to our Hunters' ball which takes place right after the Onnellisten maa.

Onnellisten maa (Land of the Happy)

22.5.2015 / 19:00

Sirkus Aikamoinen

festival, Contemporary circus

New scene

Contemporary circus performance from Finland.

Hunting season

20.5.2015 / 19:00

Milan Tomášik

festival, contemporary dance

New scene

The performance of the leading Slovak chasseur Milan Tomášik will take us into the midst of deep woods...