Garden chill: Crocodiles (US), Easy Steps, Karl&John

26.6.2015 / 15:00 - 22:00


Here, the summer holidays begin! It is time to let go os all worries and fully indulge the summer. How else than with a fresh drink in hand and good music. Californian indie-pop band Crocodiles, local rock band Easy Steps and our DJ duo Karl & John in an oasis culture in the city center.

We are opening the beergarden people!

13.6.2015 / 16:00


It is here, the long anticipated opening of an oasis of culture in the city center is a reality. Let us sit and do stuff in a beautiful place in front Cooltour! Come to celebrate with us the new Cooltour space with a dring, food and a concert of Aurtralian musician Philip Bracken!

Collective loss of Memory

12.6.2015 / 19:00


Současný tanec

With 5 exceptional performers we will dwell into theme of incredibly powerful social phenomena. And that is the story of one of the greatest pleasures of human being-killing and participation in violence.