Unconventional Christmas Market 2016


This year is coming to an end and that means not only the season of Christmas cookies, presents, family time or Christmas nostalgia but it is also the season of our Unconventional Christmas Market.
Cooltour is working on the sixth Unconventional Christmas Market!

Elegancia kvantového králíka (The elegance of the quantum rabbit)

11.12.2016 / 5 p.m.

Contemporary dance

New scene

A dance experiment with the theory of relativity and the perception of linear and non-linear nature of reality. Subatomic world is the world of rhythm, movement and ongoing change. But it’s not chaotic and random, it has specific and stable rules.

ZRNÍ & Loten Namling (Tibet)

8.12.2016 / 8 p.m.


New scene

Besides successful concert with an orchestra at the Colours of Ostrava where they played the band’s music arranged by Slovakian violinist and composer Stano Palúch, the band has also a successful video clip.