29.5.2017 / 7 p.m.

Ulrike Quade and Jo Strømgren Kompani

Contemporary dance

Puppet theater

COCO is the third collaboration between Ulrike Quade Company and Jo Strømgren Kompani and a sought-after continuation of the particular style these two companies have created together, featuring hyper-realistic puppets, portrayal of historical people, intriguing walks between documentaric facts and provocative insinuations, and a great dash of wild imaginative theatre. Previous productions have explored the lives and controversies of Knut Hamsun, Vincent van Gogh, and Edvard Munch.

MOVE Fest 2017: O Crivo

28.5.2017 / 7 p.m.

João Paulo Gross

The rough voice of the wilderness accompanies the moves of the artist which are in a perfect symbiosis with his partner on stage. Everybody has its own story, we seek solitude to have a dialogue on our own. Or is there any other way to find out who we are? How can we achieve co-existence in today’s unsettled world?

MOVE Fest 2017: Ostravica Textilia: LUXURY MEMORIES, Premiere!

27.5.2017 / 7 p.m.

See the unseen. Be the first to watch dance and music film Ostravica Textilia: LUXURY MEMORIES which was shot during May 2016.

MOVE Fest 2017: Goosenecks

26.5.2017 / 7 p.m.

Cirkus Tety

A project combining contemporary circus and physical theatre. Two women share one room filled with their desires, dreams, joys, fears from childhood and worries about the future melded with a comical portrayal of woman’s nature.

MOVE Fest 2017: VU

25.5.2017 / 7 p.m.

Compagnie Sacékripa

A performance bordering a play with objects, miniature, circus, and unintentional clownery is a solo for everyday objects operator who is precise, gentle, and perhaps, too decent.

MOVE Fest 2017: SOLO

24.5.2017 / 7 p.m.

Radim Vizváry

From a classical mime to a butoh, from a physical comedy to a contemporary dumb show. His mime is modern, neat, and topical. Despite being influenced by many other styles, he always finds his unique way.

MOVE Fest Ostrava 2017

24.5.2017 - 29.5.2017


This year’s MOVE Fest Ostrava 2017 is already coming back at the end of May! MOVE Fest is a festival of contemporary dance, new circus and physical theatre. Over the course of a few days, you’ll get a chance to witness the greatest performances in the whole of Europe.

MOVE Fest 2017: Phantastes

24.5.2017 / 10 a.m.

MOVE Dance Company

Současný tanec

New scene

Where is the border between adulthood and children’s imagination? Why are we looking for windows, rabbit holes and wardrobes, though which we can once again enter realms of dreams, and change our room into a mysterious island and the couch into a pirate ship.

Salsa dance

23.5.2017 / 8 p.m.

MG Dance



Kuba Mazůch and Míša Gatěková would like to invite you to regular salsa dance in the cosy but spacious Cooltour Café.

Restaurant Day Ostrava XI.

20.5.2017 / 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Gastro day

City centr Ostrava

Have you ever dreamed about or just wondered how it’s like to open your own restaurant? In that case, this day is a great opportunity for you!