Carpet Diem

28.3.2018 / 7 p.m.

Contemporary dance

New scene

Seize the day. But what if there treacherously appears a carpet during this day? Or two? What will you do with them? Jana Ryšlavá and Jindřich Panský decided to try it.

Balkan Bashavel

24.3.2018 / 9 p.m.


Do you know that we have been enjoying Balkan Bashavel parties for more than 6 years? A new party season starts right now and you can expect MALALATA to be there as well! Plenty of Balkan beats, gypsy music, a little bit of cumbia and reggae as well as many kinds of sounds of world music that our guests bring.

Retro Party

10.3.2018 / 9 p.m.


The first Retro Party of the year will arrive at Ostrava with all the pomp. So dress up in style, come and enjoy the new and unforgettable experience. Take to the floor and dance to the beat of the 1950s - the1990s music. Experienced DJs and plenty of supporting events are waiting for you.


7.3.2018 / 8 p.m.

MOVE Dance Company

Nová scéna

MOVE Dance Company’s first performance PHANTASTES inspired by the book Phantastes written by George MacDonald and CARPET DIEM - an extract from "Work in Progress" performance under patronage of MOVE Dance Company.


1.3.2018 / 7 p.m.

Nový cirkus

This neo-circus performance which has been inspired by the balance ladder discipline will be far from boring! You will find yourself in the world of two performers and one strange object with rungs and other parts. The performers try hard to climb the ladder but their success is not guaranteed – they are chasing chimeras and expect more enjoyable circumstances, lighter movement and freedom of mind to be up