Festival v ulicích / Festival in the Streets

29.6.2018 - 30.6.2018 / 14:00


Beer garden

Festival in the Streets is one of the biggest summer events in Ostrava. For two days, the city center will be transformed into a magnificent feast full of entertainment and art. It offers concerts of great Czech and foreign artists, dozens of jamming musicians in the streets, street theaters, drummers and workshops. Among the four festival scenes you will find Cooltour.

Táborák / Campfire

27.6.2018 / 19:00


Beer garden

Bring your guitar and sausage (špekáček), or come with bare hands and buy sausage (špekáček) and beer from us! Sit down by the fire and relax by staring into the flames. One of the most popular events of the summer, which automatically requires knowledge of the text of a Czech song “U stánků”, is again waiting for you in the Garden every Wednesday. 


24.6.2018 / 16:00

Dance Hall for the Little Ones

Beer garden

The most active Sunday for the little ones. As part of our dance nights, we do not forget about the kids. Under the guidance of Adriana Steinerová all children from the age of five can enjoy our Dance Hall for the Little Ones! We also care about the parents, they can have fun at our bar!

Summer Cinema: The Hangover

23.6.2018 / 21:00


Beer garden

A cult comedy that reminds us all of the quest for what we did last night, why our apartment looks like an atomic bomb exploding, into which bars we have a life ban, and how many ibuprofens will be needed to preserve life in the evening. Projection under the stars and dangerously close to our bar.

Tanec Praha: Sunday Neurosis

20.6.2018 / 19:00

Dance performance

Nová scéna

The second celebration of the jubilee of the Prague Dance in Ostrava will take place in the heart of Ostrava's dance scene. In Cooltour with the most distinct (and at the same time the most coordinated) pair Radim Vizváry & Jiří Pokorný. How can a symbiosis of contemporary dancers and contemporary mime artists work? Is it possible for the two seemingly distant styles to blend and enrich each other? 

Tanec Praha: Origami

13.6.2018 / 19:00

Outdoor dance performance

Dolní oblast Vítkovice

The Tanec Praha festival celebrates its 30th birthday and heads out on a cool tour to Ostrava. And right into the heart of the city - to the Lower Vítkovice (Dolní Oblast Vítkovice). Tenderly metal dance performance Origami is an amazing experience. An ordinary container broken down into three parts creates an impressive decoration, theatrical scenery, in which a dancer moves slowly and thoughtfully and can’t deny her love for the contemporary circus.