Leoš Janáček’s Music Marathon: Iva Bittová and Inspiration Janáček

27.10.2018 / 21:00

Iva Bittová


Nová Scéna

The concert of Iva Bittová and the Mucha Quartet will offer both the adaptations of Moravian folk songs by Leoš Janáček and also the work of composer Béla Bartók, which was undoubtedly inspired by the initiative, which Slovak collectors calls Slovenské spevy, as well as by the Slovak folklore.

Leoš Janáček’s Music Marathon: Mateřština Album

26.10.2018 / 21:00

Jiří Slavík


Nová Scéna

As a part of the Leoš Janáček’s Music Marathon, multi-instrumentalist Jiří Slavík will present his award-winning album Mother Tongue (won prestigious Czech award Anděl) for the last time in the Czech Republic. In his own contemporary compositions or in the adaptations of traditional melodies he uses the elements of Moravian and Silesian folk music in an original way. Life performance of Mateřština album during the Leoš Janáček’s Music Marathon will be its last performance in the Czech Republic.

Milan Tomášík: Solo 2016

25.10.2018 / 19:00

Contemporary dance

Nová scéna

What is the world on the other side of the black dice like? The Solo 2016, telling about intimacy, sorrow, trust, hope, beauty and terror, is a personal (and yet universal) testimony, finishing the successful trilogy of solo dancer, choreographer and pedagogue Milan Tomášik. Mixing of styles and pieces of music in music acts as an expansion of the body into space, changes in muscular tension create rhythm, the boundaries between light engenders presence and flow. Solo 2016 is a reflection of the moment, unreachable and timeless, which comes and is no longer here, on whose grasping one has no strength.

Salsa dance Hall with MG Dance

23.10.2018 / 20:00

Dance hall for the Little Ones


Did you miss this year's relaxation by the sea? Or have you been enjoying wild waves and hot sand with all your heart, and when you returned to the flood of emails, rings, school duties, and preparation of snacks, do you want to buy another - this time one-way - ticket? We recommend Salsa dance hall - the only evening when Černá louka turns into Latin America! Tuesday, October 23, clearly calls for the ejection of the elastic band and the shirt tie. Emperament, caribbean evergreens, experienced lecture pair Cuba Mazu & Míša Gatěková and tropical drinks at the bar – these are the essentials for a really busy relaxation! Whether you are a dancing queen/king or a just dance as if you were making "cabbage," it is sure thing that your body will move in the salsa rhythm.

Folklor Dance Hall with Eva Vajsová

9.10.2018 / 18:30

Dance hall


Even our grate-grandmothers enjoyed a little party. How is that? This is what Eva Vajs will show you during the evening, from which your feet (and possibly the liver) will have a deep experience. While learning some of the costume dances, you do not have to deal with your age or experiences with hopping according to dulcimer’s beats. Eve will explain everything to you patiently, and if it just does not work, everything will be saved at our bar by our Ořechovka. Yeah!

Swing Dance Hall with Swingville

2.10.2018 / 19:00

Dance hall


Invite your counterpart to a good boogie-woogie evening. This Tuesday, Cooltour turns into a place where Swing Time is not just the name of favourite drink at the bar. In the company of Benny Goodman or Elly Fitzgerald, Swingville dancers will prepare party full of live music, energetic dances and wonderful drinks. Dots, ribbons, suspenders, pearls and boots are a must on this expedition to the glittering 30th.