Amazons | MOVE FEST 2019

26.5.2019 / 19:00

Lenka Vágnerová & company

Dům kultury města Ostravy

Amazons. Warriors who can cope without supernatural abilities. A nation of mythical women and warriors whose fierce power and ruthlessness have given rise to bizarre stories. Girls who are fighting.

FLY / LeŤ | MOVE FEST 2019

26.5.2019 / 17:30

Markéta Stránská

Nová scéna, Cooltour Ostrava

"LeŤ" is a solo dance debut by choreographer, performer and physiotherapist Markéta Stránská. She is inspired by her personal movement experience of living with one foot, a prosthetic device and two French sticks.

Božena | PREMIERE | MOVE FEST 2019

25.5.2019 / 19:00


Nová scéna, Cooltour Ostrava

Premiere! Nobody has ever seen it before! Even moms of the members of the theater-movement trio Holektiv did not see their new production. You will be the first in the world. And that is worth it.

Respire | MOVE FEST 2019

24.5.2019 / 19:00

Cie Circoncentrique

Nová scéna, Cooltour Ostrava

In less than an hour you will experience all kinds of emotions and surprises and you will see the story of inseparable friendship. Just remember to breathe.

Naahkanaama | MOVE FEST 2019

23.5.2019 / 19:00

Sirkus Aikamoinen presents Jouni Ruuth

Nová scéna, Cooltour Ostrava

Nahkanaama, or "leather mask", is a bit crazy new-circus one-man show that is not afraid of black humor.

The Cross-Country Skiing Odyssey / Běžkářská odysea | MOVE FEST 2019


Bratři v tricku

Ski poles ready, wax your moustache, an encouraging shot of tea and let’s start!


22.5.2019 / 19:00

Radim Vizváry

Nová scéna, Cooltour Ostrava

The lives of people who are “VIPs” attract us. We want to know their privacy and especially their imperfections. We want to know that they are like us and we want to become them. But is it really worth it?


22.5.2019 - 26.5.2019

6th International Festival of Dance and Circus

Let's make super powers great again!
Radim Vizváry, Bratři v tricku, Jouni Ruuth, Holektiv, Markéta Stránská, Lenka Vágnerová a francouzští CIe Circoncentruqie v jednom týdnu v Ostravě? Ano, i to je v našich (a vašich) super silách!