Body Etudes / The Art of Manipulation

Contemporary Dance

An evening featuring the performances and choreographies of students and professors of the Ostrava performing art school (JKGO) and professionla artists. This time Helena Stavova and Jakub Rataj with a performance The art of Manipulation.

The manipulation as an element colliding with our lives – as a basic need for power or as a need to be manipulated. The production team – the composer Jakub Rataj and the choreographer Helena Stavova – look for a way to connect the music and movement on a deeper level – where the individual components do not lose own expression and individuality.

This being done on a background of a current topic also makes possible to observe the manipuloation of audience – through what the artist do on a stage.

Students: 90,- CZK
Adults:  120,- CZK
(prices are the same for advanced purchase and at the door)