Božena | PREMIERE | MOVE FEST 2019


Nová scéna, Cooltour Ostrava

“In vain I resist the thrill that possesses me every time I fly…” (B. Laglerová: Z mého aviatického bloudění/ From My Aviation Wandering)

Competitiveness, desire for success, pioneering and social pressure. These are the key motives of the piece about Božena Laglerová Peterková, the Czech pioneer female aviator, who was also a (super) heroine and an emancipated fighter though she’s been almost forgotten.

Aeronautics – it was passion, fame, money, adventure. What lurked behind – an injury or even a fatal crash – was easily neglected.

Božena fought for her dream to become an aviator despite adversity and social conventions of her time which were not at all favourable to women. Her extraordinary life story full of ups and downs has been faithfully revived in Holektiv’s new piece, as the creators relied on professional publications and historical facts.

Why is ‘being first’ so fascinating? What do we feel when we win? And what does it mean to be a female pioneer in such a masculine domain? Holektiv will try to give you the answer.