Community dinner

There are two of us – Bara and Frantisek. We’re the Cooltourists. Cooltour is not only an unconventional theatre, electro swing craziness, a lot of dance, but also pre-Christmas hunt for a hand-crafted novelty. It is also a place, where people of Ostrava spend their free time, get to know, and mingle.

We got our inspiration from TV cooking show and decided to host our fist Community diner on Valentine’s Day. Each of us had brought something home-cooked and then enjoyed the delicacies. Thanks to you and your interest, we are pleased to announce that we carry on with our Anti-dinners!

Antiracist diner, which takes place on 21st of April 2017, is for people who don’t classify others by skin colour, nationality, or life style. No matter whether you are single, a couple or a group, hetero, gay, transsexual, or whether you believe in this god or that one. You will enjoy the diner with everyone. Make a booking on:, then just prepare something delicious and bring it with you.