Cool(tour) birthday


We are already five years old. And in a year, we are going to go to school (our daddy is stronger than yours, pff)! But because we are still enjoying our beautiful childhood, we have prepared for you, our friends, a birthday party!
We have been trying for five years to make Ostrava more exciting, colourful and understandable and less “wild” and crazy. We’ve known for five years (and still do) that Ostrava has much bigger potential and we are trying to use its full potential. For five years we’ve been ruining lives of some locals, who don’t care about a culture. For five years we’ve been trying to get the best concerts, theatres, workshops and movies to Ostrava. It’s been five years since we’ve begun to work as a one crazy community family. Let’s celebrate together and drink to our achievements and drink off our fuck-ups. Like last year, we’re preparing some crazy and silly competitions. Not only we have great presents for the winners, we also have drinks, balloons, snacks, Andrej’s speeches, a cake, music and everything necessary for a good party. Come to laugh and cry and enjoy yourselves at our birthday party.
Come to party with us! See you soon!

happy excited birthday boy wow