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The history always takes an unexpected turn. Seventy thousand years ago, Homo sapiens was a meaningless creature minding its own business somewhere in a remote corner of Africa. Throughout the following millennia, he has grown into the ruler of the planet and the tyrant of its ecosystem. He has cut down forests, drained wetlands, dammed rivers, flooded fields, laid millions of miles of railways and roads and built up cities towering over the land. The nature is suffering and animal species are quickly becoming extinct. We have replaced canoes with ships, steamers and spaceships, but nobody knows where we’re heading. We have power but do not know how to wield it. On top of that, our behaviour is irresponsible. We are turning our planet into a shopping mall made out of concrete and plastic. Homo sapiens has conquered the world. The catastrophic prophecies, which speak of the depletion of resources and permanent damage of the planetary ecosystem, are justified. The wounded nature poses a threat to the survival of Homo sapiens. We are killing the nature and its beasts. Are we heading towards an ecological disaster or a technological paradise? Everything is possible.

Tickets for sale on GoOut and OIS:

  • pre-sale: 180CZK adult / 140CZK student and senior / 100CZK students and pedagogues JKO
  • on the spot: 230CZK adult / 180CZK student and senior / 150CZK students and pedagogues JKO