Easy tour: Easy steps

Easy Steps


After a few local concerts the Easy Steps band is going on their tour around the Czech Republic. The last concert will take place in their hometown. You can buy tickets at place for 150 crowns or in advance sale from the band members for 100 crowns.

You can look forward to all your favourite songs and band’s latest releases in their repertoire. Because of the fact that the band will finish their tour symbolically in their home town you can expect special set of songs prepared specifically for this occasion. However, if you still hesitate, be sure, that our guests Sækədʒəwiːə will also give the great performance!

We look forward to see familiar and new faces. Come and experience an unforgettable night.

You can follow the Sækədʒəwiːə band on: https://www.facebook.com/saca.cz?fref=ts