Filmo festival


Nature documentary film festival held in Ostrava for the first time

Ekotopfilm festival brings the best films about sustainable development from around the world on February 1 and 2 to Cooltour cultural centre in Ostrava.  The whole festival programme is free.

It is the oldest documentary film festival about the environment and sustainable development in the world. The first year of the festival took place in the former Czechoslovakia in 1974. Since then it took place in Slovakia and even this year in its 44th years, the festival will be held there. In autumn the festival took place in the Czech Republic for the first time.   The aim of the festival is to interest the young generation and general public in sustainable development in a funny way which affects human everyday life.

From 4 p.m. the audience can look forward to the films, which were the best of 81 films participating in the festival competition.  The films present beauty and richness of nature, the latest scientific research and deal with the climate issues. The Festival includes an accompanying programme. In a discussion Martin Švadlenka, the founder of the Czech branch of the Sea Shepherd organisation, introduces this worldwide conservation organisation and explains the importance of protection of the seas and oceans in relation to our life in the Czech Republic. The company KPMG will lead the discussion on the topic of responsible business which proved profitable to the companies and the whole society.

From the wide film selection you can choose:

  •  Wastecooking, a funny document in which the charismatic cook David transforms waste into delicious dishes.
  • A remarkable film Life on Us: A Microscopic Safari takes the audience on a trip to see exotic creatures, however not living in the countryside but inside the human body.
  • A winner of a special jury Grand Prix award Microbirth explains why the number of human illnesses is on the rise and how it might have been affected by the childbirth.
  • The film Yellowstone proves that one can have fun even when watching a nature documentary! Thanks to the best filmmaking technique the audience feels like they have been thrown into the middle of the national park.
  • Another breathtaking documentary created by Slovak judge Pavol Barabáš is about indigenous African tribe Suri which seems to live like in a different era rather than in the 21st century.
  • The festival also offers a discussion of the climate changes in a short film Climate Error.

Entrance: FREE