Elegancia kvantového králíka (The elegance of the quantum rabbit)

Contemporary dance

New scene

A dance experiment with the theory of relativity and the perception of linear and non-linear nature of reality. Subatomic world is the world of rhythm, movement and ongoing change. But it’s not chaotic and random, it has specific and stable rules.
Projekt byl podpořen: Ministerstvo kultúry SR, Nový Priestor, Štúdio 12, Babyfit, o.z.
The project is supported by: Ministry of Culture SR, Nový Priestor, Štúdio 12, Babyfit, o.z.
Authors and choreography: A. Sedlačková, D. Raček
Music: P. Groll
Costumes: D. Cigánková
Light design: K. Ďuricová

  • advance sale via GoOut web (full price: 150 czk; students/seniors/disabled: 120 czk)
  • at door (full price: 200 czk; students/seniors/disabled: 160 czk)