FLY / LeŤ | MOVE FEST 2019

Markéta Stránská

Nová scéna, Cooltour Ostrava

LeŤ/FLY is a solo dance debut of the choreographer, performer, and physiotherapist Markéta Stránská. It is inspired by her physical experience of life with one leg, one prosthetic leg and two crutches. It emphasises the fact that every divergence offers enriching possibilities and on-of-a-kind opportunities. Markéta is a great example of how to become heroes for yourselves (and for others) without any super powers. It’s important to be brave enough to do what you want and to overcome the obstacles. Markéta Stránská is a heroine who the world – still fighting many prejudices – really needs. Her inspirational performance is a must-see.

How much is our physical and mental stability affected by the change or narrowing of the supporting base? How does it feel to reach certain limits? Can we face new possibilities?