MSI: Gaga class with Nataša Novotná

Nataša Novotná


Nová scéna

Gaga lessons take 1 hour and are led by dancers in close cooperation with Ohad Naharin. Lecturers guide participants using series of evocative instructions that build one on another. Rather than copying a particular movement, each participant is encouraged to explore actively these instructions so that he or she can interpret given information in their own way to manage to do the tasks. Gaga lessons provide participants with a creative framework which enables them to connect with their body and imagination, enhances the awareness of their physicality, improves flexibility and stamina. Moreover, gaga lectures make the participants enjoy physical movement in pleasant environment. 

Gaga is a new way in gaining experience and self-awareness through our body. It provides a task framework for understanding and strengthening our body. While adding flexibility, stamina and agility it also lightens our senses and imagination. Gaga uncovers physical weakness, stimulates flabby parts, exposes physical fixation and helps us to dispose of them. Gaga trains our instinctive movement, strengthens the link between consciousness and unconsciousness. It leads us to experience real freedom and pleasure in a pleasant space, in comfortable clothes accompanied by music; everyone for himself, in connection with each other.

“We begin to realize our form. We connect to a sense of endless possibilities. We explore other dimensions of movement; we enjoy the burning in our muscles; we are always prepared; we are aware of our explosiveness which we sometimes use. We change our habits by finding new ones. We go beyond our limits. We can be calm and alert at the same time.” – Ohad Naharin

About the lecturer:

Nataša Novotná – dancer, lecturer and choreographer; co-founder of a contemporary dance company 420PEOPLE (since 2007), guarantor of a dance studio New Stage of the National Theatre (Nová scéna ND, since 2010), founder of Kylián Foundation (since 2017), Gaga lecturer since 2017 – she gained the certificate for teaching in Tel Aviv as the only person in the Czech Republic .

Level: **

Capacity: 25 people

Price for 5 lessons:

  • 800Kč adults
  • 650Kč students and professionals
  • 550Kč students and pedagogues of JKO, MOVE Company and Bílá holubice dance group

Price for 1 lesson:

  • 180Kč adults
  • 150Kč students and professionals