Himalayan Dalai Lama + Chapter A



The electronic duo Himalayan Dalai Lama from Brno will take you on a flight to a dreamland. The lively ambient beats are spiced up by the strong sound of drums. Enjoy the hypnotic magic of the moment. The atmosphere will be completed by a new band from Ostrava, Chapter A.

Himalayan Dalai Lama

An electronic duo from Brno who have been appearing on the music scene since September 2014, had concerts in the most important Czech venues and performed in clubs around Europe as well. Ambient music with fusions of trap, hip hop and trip hop will drag you into the world where it’s hard to make one’s atoms stick together. Levitation through space in the universe of melodic lines and rhythms in the clear essence of being is an experience that cannot be put into words. Elements of indie-pop, live drums and bass provided by David Novotný and Kryštof Matěj will pull you into a dimension from where it’s hard to fall back to the gravity.

Entrance: 100CZK