Hunting season

Milan Tomášik

festival, contemporary dance

New scene

The performance of the leading Slovak chasseur Milan Tomášik will take us into the midst of deep woods, where professional and hobby hunters are surrounding a startled animal. The sound of triggers being pulled and a body becoming part of the woods. Meditative moments, exploding into a series of actions and reactions, ending in chaos and disarray. Hunt as entertainment but also as dead serious thing. Hunters as laughing stock but also as heroes.

In Milan Tomášik’s words: “Every performance is a new one. There’s no key, no magic formula. Every performance has its own rules and principles. In this case, we’ve tested physical persistence limits and played with various kinds of tension and release that create breath-taking rhythms with very specific contents.”

Concept, choreography: Milan Tomášik
Co-created and performed by: Jan Rozman, Alessandro Sollima, Milan Tomášik, Tina Valentan, Špela Vodeb, Aja Zupanec
Music: Vladimír Godár
Lighting design: Luka Curk
Costumes: Jasna Vastl
Outside eye: Suzana Koncut
Production: MT, KUD Cortesia

Co-production: EN-KNAP (Slovenia), Ljubljana dance theater (Slovenia), NorrlandsOperans (Sweeden), Stanica Žilina-Záriečie (Slovakia)

Partner: Mediterranean dance centre Svetvinčenat (San Vincenti, Croatia), The Old Power Station (Ljubljana, Slovenia), Španski borci cultural centre (Slovenia)