James Harries (UK)


James Harries is an extraordinary musician. Although he is from Manchester, he settled down in the nineties in the Czech Republic, where he once played with his school music band. A prestigious Rolling Stone magazine wrote about him and he is compared to the young Bob Dylan by the critics. He plays around the whole world, both at big stages in New York and in small Czech clubs for a few people. He has created music for the movie Lidice, the series Bobule and for the crime miniseries praised by critics, Modré stíny. Despite all of that, he is fine with playing on the streets or in the subway. He is also known for his honesty with fans and for his crazy stories, which he tells in breaks between the songs.

You cand find more information about the singer here: http://www.jamesharries.com/ or on his youtube channel and facebook.
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