Taneční představení

Melancholy. Meaningful gazes. Slowly developing situations. Influenced by the work of the well-known Finnish film director Aki Kaurismäki, Mandelin choreographs sceneries where tender and caring relations between people seem timeless and substantial. As a counterpoint unrestrained bursts, which might on the first sight seem violent, reveal as a playful game filled with physical details between the dancers who share an ultimate atmosphere of trust and support. 

The space works a platform for dance and physical dialogue. There are no unisons – only soloists who share gestures and moments in contact with each other. These situations, physical dialogues, are being observed by others on and off the stage.

Choreography:  Jarkko Mandelin

Asistent: Anni Koskinen

Dancers: Tina Forès-Hitt, Máté Horváth, Ruby Frances Jones, Luca Kancsó, Tilly Sordat, Félix Urbina Alejandre

Realization: Salcburská experimentální akademie tance SEAD

Music: Janne Hast (z produkce finské taneční společnosti Kinetic Orchestra, skladby Hra pro tři a Zvířata)

Jarkko Mandelin (FIN) studied dance at the Ballet School and choreography at the Theatre Academy in Helsinki. He is the founder and artistic director of Kinetic Orchestra, a Helsinki based contemporary dance company established in 2009. Kinetic Orchestra makes performances that are unique and recognizable in style that Jarkko Mandelin has been exploring trough out his career, combining ballet, acrobatics, partnering, breakdance and various other dance styles in a strong form of expression which is both aesthetic and kinetic. In his artistic work, he combines classical ballet, contemporary dance, breakdance, capoeira and acrobatics into an original and characteristic movement language


The tour is funded by the Austrian cultural forum of Prague.


  • pre-sale via GoOut 150CZK / students, seniors, ZTP and KMO members 120CZK / students of JKO 80CZK
  • at door 200CZK /students, seniors, ZTP and KMO members 160CZK / students of JKO 80CZK