João Paulo Gross: Contemporary Dance Workshop

João Paulo Gross

The workshop aims to offer a look at the relationship between the body and its spatial applications, contextualizing it in a technical approach, notions of weight, axis, impulse and flow.


This look combines three points: an investment in the floor work, the relation of the body in space to the principles of the consciousness of movement and the experimentation of the dynamic qualities of movement, bringing to the surface the perception of sensations for the physical and scenic preparation . Using the movement awareness work, it provides the dancer with a greater awareness of bone and muscle structures as well as the functioning of the joints – fundamental elements for movement awareness.


As a result, and guided by the movement, the student appropriates his territory, the body, recognizing it within a self-knowledge, investigating the dance.


Specific objectives

  • Work the whole body in a global vision.
  • Realize from the bone and muscle connections that the part is the whole.
  • Work from the body, space and other bodies as a place to discover new possibilities.



  • Body (what moves)

Exercises of motor coordination and gestural fluidity, with application and movement sequences: Bone connections, neurochinesiological evolution and body organizations.

  • Space (where we move)

Cinesfera: the three-dimensional space around the body. Reach of the movement. Three dimensions. Plans. Levels.

  • Body and Space (movement phrases)



Materials needed

Sound for Ipod (or cable to connect it);

Large, clean, good quality room with wooden floor (if possible) for carrying out body work.


Teacher: João Paulo Gross

Choreographer, dancer, researcher, movement teacher and Member of the International Dance Council