Květy + Longital

Květy + Longital


One of the most successful Czech bands plays a concert in Cooltour in Ostrava. Only a few years ago a trademark of this group was musical craftsmanship and surreal texts. But lately, Květy is labelled as a lost generation band without perspective, a band which to no avail seeks place in a world which they don’t understand anymore. The singer Kyšperský sings about his contemporaries in the song called My děti ze stanice Bullerbyn (We Children of Bahnhof Bullerby). In the chorus of the song the names of idyllic Astrid Lindgren’s children’s book intertwine with Christiane F.’s autobiographical junkie novel.
Album Bílé včely (White bees) won the Vinyla award in 2013. Vinyla is given by Czech critics. The album is a testimony about today’s generation of people in their thirties, lost between broken relationships and zero life perspective. Their new album Miláček Slunce (Darling Sun), the sequel to Bílé včely, was nominated for the Anděl award. The frontman Kyšperský comes to terms with ageing on the album.
The band Longital will also perform along the band Květy
“A new album of the band is called Divoko (Wildly) and it is going to come out in September on Slnko Records. After a string project Longital Suite the band from Bratislava is coming back again to creating and playing as a trio.
The concert in Ostrava right after the release of the new album is going to start a tour of more than twenty two concerts in Czech and Slovak cities. The name of the new album Divoko has quite a few meanings. One of the principal meanings is saying “let’s make the world simpler”. Do not do the things more complicated if they are not complicated at all. The reality is actually quite simple. A step after step, a minute after minute we decide what we will do and if we do it with love, honesty and joy, everything what will follow will bear a stamp of these decisions. Shina (singing, bass guitar and strings), Dano Salontay (guitar, singing and strings) and Marián Slávka (drums, piano and singing) follow this philosophy and apparently it works very well both in the band and in the music publishing company Slnko Records.
The first published single and the clip from the album is called Rozpletám (Untangling). The song represents a different face of Longital’s work because of the return to the eletric guitar and to the ukulele after a few years and also because of the unusual length of the song – three and a half minutes. “Rozpletám talks about the beauty of temporary life moments and occasional need for purification, untangling and searching for new ways, which can help us to discover the lost freedom and creativity in relationships between people,” explains the name of the song the singer and composer, Shina.

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