Lenka Dusilová & Baromantika: The celebration of a life


Praha, Brno, Ostrava – these are the cities where the unforgettable birthday concerts of Lenka Dusilová & Baromantika will be realized.

Lenka Dusilová, the holder of the six Czech music awards Anděl, is not used to stagnate and she is open to changes. In the course of time she has become an impressive and successful singer of the Czech music scene. She has gradually rid of the rock and pop star label and is not afraid of trying new things. She mainly draws her inspiration from various music styles as well as non-musical experiences.

The fourth solo album Baromatika Lenka has recorded in cooperation with the respected producers Beata Hlavenková + Tin Soldiers (the duo of producers Patrik Karpentski and Viliam Béreš). As a team they have created the unique record speaking its own music language. The kind and cold tones produced by the acoustic and electronic instruments simply create the right atmosphere. In 2011 Lenka Dusilová gained the award of the Academy of Popular Music Anděl for the record Baromantika and become again the singer of the year. The album Baromantika was also nominated as one of the best music records of the year 2012 for the new music award Apollo.

In 2014 Lenka Dusilová recorded her latest album V hodině smrti that has been published under new official name Lenka Dusilová & Baromantika. The album V hodině smrti became again one of the best records of the year and was nominated for the Anděl Award in two categories as well as for the Apollo Award.

The extract from the review on the Czech website musicserver.cz speaks for itself: “I know where to go” sings Lenka Dusilová in the song Tětiva. These few words she can use as her motto for several years already. For a long time Lenka do music according to her own preferences and feelings and her successful albums are the proofs of a really good job. It is impossible to find a bad record in her discography. Lenka simply has not have time to record bad stuff.