LOCALS: February, Places, Lowmoe



The new format LOCALS is bringing an appealing number of progressive musicians from Ostrava to the open air stage. Local music scene has always had something to offer and today isn’t an exception. Young blood for whom the local pond has been too small for a long time now, will perform under the open sky. This time, we’ve gone for the indie bands PLACES and February and downtemp Lowmoe.


Their first single “Hide Me Under Autumn Leaves” was released in 2016. But they hadn’t been hiding under the autumn leaves for too long, as they quickly began to appear on stages throughout the Czech Republic. They are currently that kind of band that our indie scene definitely cannot ignore. They put the original imprint on their post-indie songs, combining dreamy melancholy with a raw atmosphere.

Even though the members are young, this band can be as well as considered matadors on the scene in Ostrava. With the more or less changing line up in the band, they have already been around for seven years, which is an impressive number for a group that originally started as a student band. Their indie-pop music creations were brought to life thanks to the long jam sessions, both inside and outside the practice room. The sense of refinement is emphasized by the fact that they worked on their debut album Distant Edges for two years and it has the signature of the famous musician Tomáš Neuwerth (Umakart, Kittchen, Kafka band…).


Downtemp beats, reverb synthesizers, dreamy vocals, and atmospheric projections – that is the audiovisual project by Štěpán Kopečný (ex.  (Creaticity). The project was started off by EP Authentique, which was positively accepted by both professional and non-professional audience. Through the magic of electronic instruments, it combines downtempo with hiphop and other genres, which leads to the creation of original ambient rhythms, making him one of the interesting chill out artists who aren’t that much present on the Czech scene.

Recommen. entrance: 100 CZK