LOCALS: René Souček, Kristýna Lištiaková, Botanyk



The local scene is diverse and worth your attention. The second summer show of LOCALS is dedicated to local singer-songwriters.   Look forward to performances by the veteran René Souček, charming Kristýna Lištiaková & Band, and the fresh acoustic duo Botanyk.


René Souček

A singer-songwriter from Frýdek-Místek who plays his original songs on guitar, lately also on ukulele which he has fallen in love with. His lyrics seem to be inspired by life and contain autobiographical elements. The author doesn’t want to reveal to what extent exactly. They entertain the audience with cheerful and witty songs, however, their slow and deep ballads can hit home.

Kristýna Lištiaková

Kristýna Lištiaková is a singer and guitarist, but primarily a singer-songwriter. Music brings a lot to her life, mainly inspiration, fulfilment and a chance to express herself and create in collaboration with others.  She wants to pass this joy on, get it closer to people. After all, music is a universal language, even though we don’t understand the individual words. The genre of the original works is closest to pop-folk, inspired and influenced by jazz and blues. The label ‘world music’ would probably characterize it the best since it also includes the lyrics that aren’t only in Czech, but in English and Spanish as well.



Genuine buskers formed on the streets of Ostrava. A project by Miki Kalus (Echo Message) and Martin Hampel (Places, February).

Recom. entrance: 100CZK