Macbeth Mirror (INDIA)

Summer Shakespeare Festival Ostrava

In cooperation with the international Gdansk Shakespeare Festival and the Globe Theatre in London, we are bringing the absolutely unique and exotic theatre experience to Ostrava. Santanu Das, the famous director from Calcutta, and his theatre troupe will perform one of the two European performances in Ostrava.

MACBETH is a play about Evil. Evil comes from dark power which is represented by three sisters.

In this production, the portrayal of Macbeth differs from the one by Shakespeare in attempt to present the circumstances from the point of view of three sisters – witches. We see a story that surpasses time and space: spells and rituals of a dark tantric cult symbolize the omnipresent evil that is embodied in the Shakespeare’s play. Evil is both produced and at the same time represented by three witches.

We follow the fortunes of two people – two victims of historical events that fall prey to evil because of their thirst for power.

The translation is remarkable for its rich poetry, it preserves the pace of the original and respects the sanskrit spells that were used.

The show is presented in Bengali with English subtitles.