Marathon letter writing with Amnesty International

Do you know that even a single letter can save life? So come with your friends, acquaintances or family members and join us in writing the letter, right here in Cooltour. Together with human rights organization Amnesty International we once again organize Write for Rights campaign.

Last year’s Write for Rights campaign broke all records – people from more than 200 countries and territories wrote the total of 3.7 million letters! What is even more important is the fact that the letters have really made a difference and changed lives. Here you can read some success stories.  This year we would also like to write as many letters as possible addressed to governments or authorities in specific countries pointing out abuses and human rights violations aimed at individual people:

  • XULHAZ MANNAN (Bangladesh) – He was brutally murdered for defending the rights of LGBT people.

“My son would have been 41 in October. He had been interested in current affairs since very young age and he had also studied. In 2014 he started the first and only magazine for LGBT people in the country.  That was the reason why he died. I want justice for him. “ Saskhina,  Xulhaz’s mother.

  • MAHADINE (Chad) – He is facing a life sentence for Facebook posting.        

My name is Mahadine. I live in Chad and they want to sentence me to life in prison.  I posted some videos online which show the government wasting money and not solving problems that regular people have.


  • NI JU-LAN (China) – She became a homeless person because of defending housing rights.  

My name is Ni Ju-lan. As a lawyer I have always defended the rights of those who were forced out of their homes by the Chinese government.   Now I am a homeless person myself.  And what is more, they have caused my physical disability. They have been threatening and beating me …. for twenty years.

    • FARID & ISSA (Israel) – They were put into a jail for protesting against war crimes.    

    Our names are Farid and Issa. We are friends. We want to stop Israeli settlements in Palestine. Without violence. During peaceful demonstrations we are trying to point out injustice. And their response? Threats and absurd accusations.

    • SHACKELIA JACKSON (Jamaica) – The police killed my brother.

    My name is Shackelia.  I had a brother. A few years ago he was shot to death by the police.  Why? I don’t know. I want to find that out. I will not let them get away with it. But they are threatening and intimidating me.  I need your help.

    • CLOVIS RAZAFIMALALA (Madagascar) – He was convicted for protecting the endangered forest.   

    My name is Clovis. The forest is my second home.  I will not allow the situation to happen when my children would learn about the forest only by looking at the photos. That is why I’m standing up against timber smugglers and corrupt officials.   They have brought false charges against me and they are threatening me with absurd punishments.


A few minutes of your time and a few lines mean help which makes sense. It’s worth it, isn’t it?