MOVE Fest 2017: Goosenecks

Cirkus Tety

“I like that you’ll never drop me. I don’t like that you are always late. I like that we have the same taste in car music. I hate your tissues – everywhere. That’s how you clean. You cook beet. You know what to say to me to let go. You say what is going on and what I should think. You always organise it. You always hang it up. I’m here. I’m too. We are women in our thirties. We are what we are. But what is it?”

Goose necks are an intimate confession of two women in their thirties. By mingling contemporary circus with elements of physical theatre, they carry over personal memories and experience on a more general perspective. By the means of the performance, the women reveal their relationships and through specific situations, they come to archetypal moments. They touch on such topics as women’s friendship, appearance and social manners, love affairs, working life and even motherhood. Individuality and perhaps mutual rivalry results in finding out that we are the same despite having a different skull shape…

Aerial acrobatics mainly using the double cloud technique and this time on additional ropes. For this new project, TeTy circus collaborated with Radim Vizváry – a mime, performer, director, pedagogue, and choreographer, and together the group blend contemporary circus and physical performance.

Cast: Katka Klusáková a Pavla Rožníčková
Direction and dramaturgy: Radim Vizváry (
Music: Matouš Hejl
Light design: Karlos Šimek
Heads: Jan Kreml
Produkction: Jana Ada Kubíčková
PR, graphic: Táňa Niklová Kynclová

Délka: 45 minut