MOVE Fest 2017: O Crivo

João Paulo Gross

Sertão is one of the poorest and driest regions in the heart of Brazil, despite, or perhaps because of that, it inspires and leads the artists to understanding of the depths of human souls. It was the renown Brazil writer João Guimaraes Rosa that wrote about Sertão, especially in his famous book Primeiras Estórias (First Stories) which gave rise to duo O Crivo (The Riddle).

The rough voice of the wilderness accompanies the moves of the artist which are in a perfect symbiosis with his partner on stage. Everybody has its own story, we seek solitude to have a dialogue on our own. Or is there any other way to find out who we are? How can we achieve co-existence in today’s unsettled world? In Portugal, Ser-tão also means “to be that much”.

Režie a choreografie: João Paulo Gross

Pohybový výzkum: João Paulo Gross and Carolina Ribeiro

Účinkují: Daniel Calvet & João Paulo Gross

Costumes: Flora Maria and Anunciação

Light design: Henrique Rodovalho

Music: João Paulo Gross

Production: Giselle Carvalho

Photo: Lu Barcelos

Video: Semáforo Audiovisual