MOVE Fest 2017: VU

Compagnie Sacékripa

A performance bordering a play with objects, miniature, circus, and unintentional clownery is a solo for everyday objects operator who is precise, gentle, and perhaps, too decent. Unlike hyperactive people, he finds interest in things which appear to be ridiculous or harmless, but in his deep and honest interpretation, the things give the impression of being substantial.

Starring: Etienne Manceau (laureate Circus Next)

Consultant: Sylvain Cousin

Co-producer: Pronomade(s) en HAute Garonne – Centre national des arts de la  rue /  Le Samovar / Quelques p´Arts / Circa Auch / Le Petite Pierre / L´Espace Catastrophe / La Grainerie / Le Lido

Suitable for children over 6 years of age

Running time: 50 minutes

“The difficulty of acrobat’s physical performance was transformed into mental and manual equilibristics of a clown. He portrayed everyday activities, which everybody contributes to, with urgent softness and calmness, so that they articulate genuine emotions.” Radim Vizváry, Taneční aktuality

“Not only is it all an absurd play of how to make things most complicated, but also it is a very precise and interactive clownery. In some respects, similar to Mr. Bean, yet incomparably soft, minimalistic and entirely devoid of any TV’s servility.” Jakub Škorpil, Svět a divadlo 2015