MOVE fest: O (O ako Schlemmer) Reloaded

Neskorý zber

festival, contemporary dance

Meeting point: Kuří rynek (Jirasek Square)

The monarch stag Danko Raček returns to Ostrava in the project of the civic association Neskorý zber, loosely inspired by Bauhaus and Oskar Schlemmer. But this time it is not just a performance. You’ll have to trace down the performer trio’s den by yourselves, somewhere in the streets of Ostrava.

….it is as if you cook the dinner and sit together around the table where, over the meal, you and your daughter discuss the sense of “everything”. The food determines the pace of the talk, its taste and flavour….and becomes part of the idea.

Námět and draft: Monika Čertezni
interpretation: Monika Čertezni, Danko Raček, Anna Sedlačková
music: M. Burlas
light design and video: M. Piterka