MSI: Jazz and musical dance with Miroslava Mechelova

Lower intermediate

Who wouldn’t want to dance like a musical star. Jazz dance is for everyone who would like to learn to dance to jazz, musical songs, lyrical music, but to modern music as well. Jazz includes all these styles and much more. The essential part of jazz is formed by the so called isolations – an ability to separately control movement of the individual body parts (e. g. movement of head, hands, chest, hips, etc.) and then linking them together, moving the whole body. Its characteristic feature is the alternation between the momentary tension and relaxation of the whole body or its parts.

Jazz will teach you how to control your body better, improve its coordination, balance and flexibility. It develops musicality and rhythmic skills. You will both stretch your body and strengthen your muscles.

Price: 150CZK/120CZK, all classes: 600CZK/480CZK