Naahkanaama | MOVE FEST 2019

Sirkus Aikamoinen presents Jouni Ruuth

Nová scéna, Cooltour Ostrava

Forget circus clowns and elephants! Nahkanaama or “leather mask” is a new crazy circus one-man show that doesn’t fear black humour.

The author or Nahkanaama decided to create an “age-restricted” show. It breaks the stereotypes around ‘new circus = entertainment for the whole family with acrobats and trained poodles’.  In Nahkanaama, he presents new circus as a full-fledged art form that can a bit tougher (and funnier) that we are used to.

The show challenges other stereotypes too, and makes fun of macho culture and obsession with being a Superman at any cost. You can look forward to characters that act like lambs though they look like they’ve just returned from Berghain.

Caution: Children under 15 are not allowed to attend this performance.